Same ol’ Song, Different Tune. #BackToSchool!

I don’t even know if Ja’Kobe (our 11 year old) went to bed last night. I had to jump up with his alarm because the moment I heard the alarm go off; he was in our doorway saying “It’s 5:30. Should I get ready?” Christian getting up so easily is a totally different story. However, even this morning it only took about seven “Christian, get up!” for him to actually get up and…not pout about it! OMG!! These kids aren’t normal. They have actually been counting down the days until it’s time to go back to school.


Amber’s Perspective:

So for me, I was really excited for the first day of school as well. Jaleesa (our boys birth mother) and I started dating the first day of August in 2016. I didn’t meet the kids until mid October. Therefore, this was my very first real “I got a kid” first day of school moment! I get to take the cute pictures, I get to give the awesome pep

IMG_7517talks, I get to meet them as soon as they get home from school. I mean…I have been dreaming of these moments! It is moment’s like these that makes me so very grateful that Jaleesa, Jakobe and Christian allowed me to join their lives and become a larger bunch!





Jaleesa’s Perspective:

After a few years of doing this “Back To School” stuff, I pretty much feel like a Pro (you know #Supermom status). Clothes, check! Supplies, check! Haircuts, check! Tears, check! Etc etc, check! Oh yeah, those other supplies/things/2amthenightbeforethinkingofstuff…CHECK! I have always been used to making sure Ja’Kobe and Christian were ready for their new school year.

IMG_7530However, this year it was different. This year it was not just me. This year it was US. WE were getting our boys ready for the First Day of School. I remember Amber sending me pictures of shoes saying “Look what I just ordered the boys for school”. In my mind, I was like “Yaaassss hunni! You better!” but my heart knew it was so much more! Without question. Without hesitancy. I felt so full! It was another confirmation of, “Hey, I am here with y’all”. I sat today with joy and admiration as I watched Amber experience her first Back To School as a Mother. Although, I have been able to experience daily that it is no longer Jaleesa and her boys; it was something about sharing this Back To School experience with Amber that exemplified that this is totally an US thing! For the first time, I did not cry about this new transition in their lives. I felt a sense of calm. A sense of peace. A confirmation of protection…and love.