my name is Amber.

introductions are always so hard for me because i do not know how to keep it short and sweet. there is not much short about my life…i am a person of many gifts, talents, roles and more.

however, when it comes to them…my family. my love and our loves. it’s pretty simple. i wake up for them. each and everyday…i am so excited for every newness filled with new opportunities to be greater as individuals and as a family. i’m not even being extra for y’all…living life with them brings me much joy.


Hi Guys!

I’m Jaleesa 🙂

I am a very simple person so I will very simply introduce myself. I love God, football, all shrimp alfredo, and all things blush pink. I’m in love my fam(ily)…my Ambs and my sons. I am an introvert, so this is truly an experience for me .. you know, putting pieces of me out there for the world to see. But any experience I get to fulfill with my Loves, i’m all for it! Enjoy!